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Prepare your sales assistants for this generation of consumers...



Empower your Retail Sales Assistants with our
In-Store Tablet Solution

We give your customers a seamless shopping experience
with a Cross-Channel Integration

What is Cross-Channel Integration?

Customers expect to be able to provide feedback and receive service in multiple channels; they want the option of ordering a product online, and then picking it up at the store or getting it delivered to their home.

With Cross-Channel Integration you can provide customers the same experience online as in the stores, and enable them to move between the two channels without friction. Make the shopping experience seamless, and to give consumers new levels of convenience and choice.

What would I get with Cross-Channel Integration?

Restructure your organization and processes to enable a true cross-channel experience.

Improve operations and logistics.

Create a common IT backbone.

Use business intelligence and customer relationship management in a more sophisticated way.

Reinvent the company culture.

Introducing TABASSIST

A Complete In-Store Tablet Solution.

More than a Loyalty Club

Get to know each customer and provide
a personal service.

Increase their loyalty.

Grow your customer base.

"Out of Stock" Solved Automatically

Sell "out of stock" articles.

Secure the sale and customer satisfaction.

No more time consuming phone calls.

Mobile Payment

Provide a fast “Check Out” with mobile payment solutions.

No more need for customers to stand in line.

Make the payment anywhere on the shop floor.

Price Comparison

Handle “show roomers” effectively.

"Real time" monitoring competitors.

Read customers' reviews.

Optimize Workflow

Improve the communication between the management and the sales assistants.

Connect head quarters with sales assistants.

Book a demo to explore much more.

Introducing TABSTORE

Interactive display for your store.

Invite customers to interact.

They can register to your Loyalty Club and check-in in the store.

Display marketing videos.

Display marketing catalogs or commercial banners.

Retail Industry

TabAssist and TabStore Solutions are suitable for almost any retail industry area.

Clothes & Shoes
Jewelry & Watches
Cosmetics & Beauty Products

About Us

Who Are We?

An IT company focusing on re-inventing the retail experience for the future.

We create innovative technological solutions for the retail industry.

We take the best of both the online and offline world to create a seamless shopping experience.

What We Do?

We create mobile solutions that empower sales assistants with critical information anywhere on the shop floor - right from their fingertips.

We build mobile technology and cloud based solutions to increase retail efficiency.

The TabAssist team is highly focused on Cross-Channel integration to give your customers a seamless shopping experience.